What perks could I receive in my player package?

Depending on your ability level and the sport you play we can help you secure a stack of great perks as part of any player agreement we negotiate for you. For athletes on our All-Star pathway, this can include Pay4Play, accommodation, job assistance, travel expenses and waived club membership fees.

How much can I get paid for coaching & officiating work?

Coaching rates depend on your qualifications and experience but can range from $25 – $40 per hour. Refereeing or umpiring youth games in your speciality sport can pay approx. $45 a game.

What clubs can I play for?

This depends on your ability, availability and location. It’s our job to match and promote you with the ‘right club’ from our nationwide network that covers every club in every sport in Australia!

Can I get more than one coaching position?

Yep! Depending on your sport, qualifications and availability, we can look to provide coaching positions with both a school and a club.

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